3D modeling

The use of 3D models in a communication provides an added value to capture the attention of your audience. Small objects or complete vehicles, we create your virtual objects and animate them to improve the performance of your communication objectives.

3D animation

The animation is a complex art that requires highly specialized technical knowledge. You imagine a scenario, we put it into practice. We can also assist you in the creative process of the scenario. Based on your concept, we support modeling, programming, animation and post-production (final completion of the video) of your 3D animation.

3D movie

Visit your next vehicle in 3D, using the sharp technical ‘side by side’. Put your audience in an environment to create a high perception quality. It can be broadcasted on the most recent 3D TVs. Using this technique can catch the attention of your customers and prospects.
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Promotional film shooting

Basis of the visual communication, the image has a very high impact in the perception of your prospects and customers. The production quality is as important as the consistency of the message and the script. To do this, you can trust us! We can also advise you on the broadcast via different media such as your monitors, your websites and social networks.
  • Full HD or 4K.
  • Digital editing.
  • Multi-language audio dubbing.
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Legal provision for many businesses, the display of goods and services is often complex. GATV solves this issue through a friendly web interface. You enter and keep your prices up to date via your management interface. With its export functions, you broadcast your prices on any monitor or TV with USB or SD slideshow function.
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Web T.V.

Relevant tool for training, promotion of products and services, we create and broadcast live or recorded TV. Our advanced technology allows a high level of interactivity with your audience. We take care of the design and the realization of your project.
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Virtual justice reconstitution

Judicial truth is sometimes complicated to establish. This system exploits the power of representation and 3D animation to see the genesis of the accident consistent with the maximum number of elements of the case. Following a successful collaboration with various police courts, insurance and individuals wishing to represent the sequence of events companies, we were able to make significant cases where lighting VJR brought all his power.
  • Multi-Vehicle Motorcycles, cars, trucks
  • Specific road infrastructure
  • Skid marks
  • Onboard cameras
  • Speed, acceleration, braking coherent in space-time